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No two people are alike, and no two physical therapy plans should be alike. With our local physical therapists, you'll always enjoy personalized physical therapy plans that can help reduce your pain and improve your quality of life.

You can manage your condition with help from our caring and friendly Capital Region PT staff.

Focus On Your Wellness, and Let Our Local Physical Therapists Handle the Details

Get on the road to better health and wellness with our professional, affordable, and effective NY physical therapy and orthopedic and sports rehabilitation services.

For your convenience, our Capital Region physical therapy offices accept most insurance plans. 

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Call Us Today to Schedule Your Physical Therapy Appointment

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Find Relief From Your Pain With Our Professional Physical Therapy

The most important aspect of your recovery is you. When you come to us, we give you the knowledge and the tools that you need to manage your care.

Whether you need home exercises or assistive equipment, our staff can help you start down the road to a pain-free life.

Let Us Help You Improve Your Condition

  •  Maximize your mobility

  •  Strengthen your muscles

  •  Recover your functions

  •  Eliminate or minimize pain

  •  Knowledge to improve your condition

  •  Equipment needed for your recovery

  •  The encouragement and understanding to keep you motivated and on the right track

5 Benefits of Physical Therapy

  1. Improve Your Mobility - If you are having trouble standing, walking or bending, no matter your age, a physical therapist will give you the proper stretching and strengthening exercises to improve or restore your mobility.

  2. Reduce or Even Eliminate Pain - There are many physical therapy techniques and exercises that can be used based on your individual situation that will help restore muscle and joint function and reduce or eliminate pain and can even prevent pain from returning.

  3. Avoid Surgery or Prep Yourself for Faster Recovery Post Surgery - Surgery may be avoided through proper physical therapy but even if it can not be avoided, pre-surgery physical therapy has proven to promote faster recovery after surgery.

  4. Prevent or Recover from Sports Injury - Different sports will put you at risk for different types of injuries. Having a great physical therapist will help you prevent these injuries from occurring; if the injury has already occurred a physical therapist will know how to properly help you recover and get you back in the game.

  5. Manage a Condition, Disease or Age-Related Issue - Arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart/lung disease, and fibromyalgia are just a few things a physical therapist can help with through proper physical therapy techniques, exercises and stretches.

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